Conscious travel

Club for adventure in places of power, “ROXOLAN” is a community of like-minded people that develop different ways of travelling from the standard mass tourism. In the lucid travel groups are small and the programs include more experiences for body, soul and mind than countless tourist objects. Develop awareness during our adventures and are trying to leave a minimal environmental footprint and evocative in the visited places.

We do not run by landmark of landmark and then more photos to look at where we were. We are looking for an experience to leave a trace in our awareness. In a similar manner in the past happened pokloni?eskite trips.

Visit energy and sacred sites. Study the culture and spirituality of the country in which they are located. Contemplate and meditate, watch his reactions and the traits of our character. Dive in the philosophy and practice of ancient cultures. Participate in ceremonies and rituals for healing of our bodies and our souls.

In addition we offer withdrawals in a natural environment, where man actually experience a way of life in health and well-being. Our ritrijti include the practice of Yin yoga, self-discovery and relief from physical and emotional toxins, the way of tea, shamanic practices. Our programmes have a focus on awareness, healthy lifestyle and practical application of the ancient wisdom in everyday life.