Bohemian Rhapsody in Lithuania and Latvia
юли 15 – юли 25 цял-ден
Bohemian Rhapsody in Lithuania and Latvia @ Lithuania and Latvia
15 – 25 JULY 2018 G.

11 days / 9 nights

Price 597 Euro

Lithuania and Latvia are very interesting countries left spared by mass tourism. Unpretentious and magical, with pure untouched natural beauty and divine delicious food at quite affordable prices, but without crowds of Chinese and Russians running around unobserved.

Every brick and every man, every forest and every river, the fields and the unique Nida donate you with timelessness and tranquility. You will not see brutal constructions, there are no hysterically hectic and stressed people.

The places of power are mostly Catholic, and this is a reconciliation with this aggressive and strange religion, which to this day is central to the minds of many people.

For me, the journey to Lithuania is every day an exercise of acceptance and tolerance, of affirming unconditional love for everything that has appeared on the surface of the Earth, because if it is, it has a place on it.

  • 9 overnights with breakfasts at the respective places of the program;
  • Bus transport along the route;
  • Leader in Bulgarian;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Sofia-Vilnius-Sofia Flight Tickets;
  • Expenses of a personal nature;
  • Fees for places to visit.


This is not only an adventure to some little-known but extremely interesting places on the map of Europe, but also a spiritual journey to perceiving tranquility as a way of life, during which you will learn more about ways to stay balanced and harmonious at whatever is circumstances in life; you will also learn a lot about the creator of the Jesuit Order of Ignacio of Loyola and about their philosophy, you will make a difference with the deeds of these strange Christians who have caused terrible stupidity over the whole earth, but reconciliation with their atrocities is a great lesson to accept and unconditional love, and if you wish, you may receive dedication in their mysteries;
The leader of the group is Joro Hristov – a researcher of energy sites in Bulgaria and around the world, leader of numerous groups of energy sites in the last 10 years and stories narrator. Zhoro studies and practices ancient practices of awareness, healing and unleashing our potential;
In our journey, we not only visit sights but also meditate on strong energy and sacred places, activate the crystals of power, building a network of light to raise the collective consciousness of mankind.


Sofia – Vilnius

Flight Sofia-Vilnius. Hotel accommodation. Overnight.


Kernavas – Thracians

Breakfast. Departure to the archeological site of Kernave (35 km northwest of Vilnius). Here you will find the ultimate proof of the existence of human presence in this region for more than 10 millennia. The area is a complex of archaeological sites, including the city of Karnave, castles, some unspoiled settlements, burial sites and other archaeological, historical and cultural monuments from the late Paleolithic to the Middle Ages. Meditation to connect with the flow of life and the realization of existence as a gift.

Visit the old capital Trakai and the island castle (28 km). Trakai and a historical and resort town, situated between 3 lakes. Fantastic place! Dinner in one of the delightful traditional restaurants in Vilnius.


Tour of Vilnius

Breakfast. Vilnius Tour – The City of the Baroque. Churches and temples are the best business card – there are over 40 Christian temples in town. Visit to the cathedral „St. Stanislav and Vladislav „- a lively pilgrimage place where a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary from the 14th century is preserved; Saint Catherine – one of the most beautiful buildings in the city in Gothic, Baroque and classical style; St. Anne – Gothic masterpiece. We visit one of the oldest and most ornate churches in Vilnius – Church of the Holy Spirit and orthodox monastery. Lunch in a traditional Lithuanian restaurant with unique dishes. We will be truly bohemian in the diversity and incredible taste of Lithuanian cuisine. In the Chapel of the Gates of Dawn’ll see a picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary, called „Vilnius Madonna“, known worldwide.

Visiting the University of Vilnius, one of the most beautiful places of study I have seen with a genius cathedral. Lithuania is the land of amber. Here you can buy amber certificate even from the street or eat the famous zeppelins – potato dumplings stuffed with meat, cheese or mushrooms. Night bus to Riga.



Explore this delightful Baltic city, declared one of the most beautiful European cities, combining Scandinavian moderation, European baroque and Soviet wastefulness. Dinner and overnight.


Sigulda – Gutmania Cave – Castle Turaida

A trip outside Riga to the magnificent small Latvian town of Sigulda and its famous historic fortress. Visiting the most romantic and famous cave in the Gutmania Baltic, with traces of pagan rites, a place of power from time immemorial. Walk around the castle, which carries its Latvian architectural footprint. Return to Riga and dinner in the beautiful old part of town. Overnight.


The Mount of Crosses

Breakfast. Departure to Shiluva (back to Lithuania), a small town with less than 1,000 inhabitants. The city became famous for the vision of the Mother of God in Europe. Today, this is one of Lithuania’s most important places of worship. Meditation for connection to Virgin Mary’s female energy. Basilica is one of the best examples of the late Baroque architecture in Lithuania. The iron box found after the appearance of Our Lady is kept in the inner chapel of the Basilica.

Departure to Shiaulai (50 km). One of the city’s biggest attractions is the Hill of the Crosses, 12 km away from it. The hill is a place of pilgrimage where more than 200,000 crosses are collected. A place with unique energy, where we will hold a mini seminar to release from everything that causes us inner anxiety. Meet the philosophy of the Jesuit Spiritual School and the peace-making ceremony with the Catholic faith. Overnight in Shiaulai.


Kretinga – Palanga

Meeting the sunrise and meditation for complete liberation from guilt, shame and everything that prevents us from being our true personalities. Breakfast. Departure to Kretinga (137 km), one of Lithuania’s oldest cities. Visiting the Franciscan Monastery, one of the main centers of the Lithuanian Franciscans, built as their main place to live, a mixture of Renaissance and Baroque style. Departure to Palanga. Visiting the Biroute Hill, the highest (more than 200m) relict dune, a pagan sanctuary and a Paleoastronomical Observatory. Practices for connecting to Earth and transmitting all our anxieties to it. Walk to Palanga Sea Pier, built in 1884. Overnight in Palanga.


Kursk hair

Breakfast. Departure to Nida (80 km) along the narrow strip of land called Kurshskaya or Kouronian Spit, a protected natural site of UNESCO with the largest natural sand dunes in Europe with a length of 50 km. A true desert where we will make a holy hour of soul in silence and meditation to establish peace, love and joy in our souls. Walk around the town and the surrounding area with the sand dunes. We will also take a look at the Amber Museum, which houses a collection of 2000-year-old items from the bizarre material.



Breakfast. Departure to Kaunas, the second largest city in the country and the former capital (85 km from the Karnave). Situated at the influx of the two largest rivers in Lithuania – Neris and Neman. Of interest are the cathedral of Kaunas, one of the oldest churches in Lithuania – Vytautas, the Museum of the exceptional Lithuanian artist Churlionis, the Museum of Folk Music and Instruments. Kaunas is a beautiful city with many art nouveau buildings that have recently been restored and offer a magnificent view of the city. Overnight in Kaunas.



We’re leaving for Vilnius. Day in the magical atmosphere of the city. If desired, a deeper acquaintance with the Jesuit spiritual school.

In the evening we will finish in the Ujupis district of Vilnius, which from a ugly duckling becomes a beautiful swan, comparable to the Paris Montmartre since 1998. A place with many bohemian pubs, and from its high part reveals a magnificent view of the beauties of Vilnius, rivers. Overnight in Vilnius.


Flight Vilnius – Sofia.


Deadline for subscription 31 May 2018.

Deposit 50% of the travel amount, full charge up to 30 days before departure.

Organizers reserve the right to minor changes to the program. The exact days of the visit at certain locations may vary depending on the working hours of the visited sites and various events.

Japan – a dream come true
ное. 2 – ное. 15 цял-ден
Japan – a dream come true @ Japan

14 days / 11 nights

Price 1997 euro

Japan is a dream destination for many people in the world and I can tell you – for a very good reason. Japan is like another planet, another dimension in the literal sense. Some of you may know that I’ve been around, but Japan got me disconnected! I have experienced incredible emotions and have found wonderful places outside the trodden hiking trails that I will be glad to take you to.

This is not just a tourist program, but an adventure out of the box in one of the most interesting places on our planet!

  • 11 accommodations in apartmens, hostels and a guest house;
  • Transport: 7-day pass for Japan’s railways, Tokyo subway, Kyoto bus transport, and the rest of the transport on the route;
  • Guide Joro Hristov;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Sofia-Tokyo-Sofia airplane tickets (about 500 Euros);
  • Costs of a personal nature – food, water, etc .;
  • Entrance fees – about 50 euros.

  • This is not a „broiler“ tourist trip, in which you go running through tourist attractions, recommended by the guide books as the most interesting! We do not focus on multi-star hotels, and accommodations are in apartments, hostels and guest houses. We visit a number of places carefully selected from previous trips to give a full picture of Japanese culture, history and spirituality.
  • The guides of the group are Joro Hristov and Nikola Kirilov. Joro is a researcher of the places of high energy in Bulgaria and around the world, leader of numerous groups in the last 10 years. Since October 2017, after his first visit in Japan, he has fallen in love with Japan and from his personal experience, has chosen both mandatory and secret, unknown to tourists sites to visit. Nicola is a student of the Japanese culture and is trained as a tea master at the Urasenke School. He follows the path of tea and our interaction with the plant world.


Flight Sofia – Doha with Qatar Airlines.


Arriving in Tokyo

Flight Doha – Tokyo. Arriving in Tokyo in 20:00. Accommodation in the Shibuya District. Evening walk in the wonderful neighborhood of the hotels by the hour and „soap lounges“, the night entertainments and the typical Tokyan „madness“. Accommodation in an apartment for the whole group.


Getting familiar with Japan

Meet my lovely friend, Hiroko, from Tokyo, who will guide us and show us non-tourist locations in the capital of Japan. A full-day walk through the nearby places around Shibuya. The Shinto Meiji Shrine, Cat Street and Tokyo Tower at sunset. You will never forget this view! Accomodation in Tokyo.


The Sacred Ise

Early in the morning we leave the apartment and by bullet train arrive in Ise – a small town where lies one of the most powerful places of power in Japan, a Shinto sanctuary. Conversation about the essence of shintoism, attending rituals and participation in the ritual of the sanctuary at will. Accomodation in Ise.



Early in the morning, we board the bullet train for the spectacular Kyoto. There we will meet Niya, one of the few Bulgarians in Japan, working in the guest house where we will be staying. She will take us to lunch at the traditional Japanese market, introduce us to Kamo – her Japanese partner, and take us in places that are hidden for other tourists! Japan is an amazing combination of hedonism, tradition and spirituality. The food is honoured and is incredibly beautifully served and super delicious. At sunset we immerse in the magic of palaces and temples from different ages of the old capital of Japan! Dinner in izakaya – a typical Japanese pub. Optional visit to Geisha’s tourist show. A pre-order is required! Accomodation in Кaede guesthouse.


Megaliths, the palace in Himeji and the gardens of the samurai

Early in the morning we are back at Kyoto Railway Station and we take the train to the small town of Himeji. From there, with another train, we arrive at Takasago, where we will dive into the ancient antiquity of a mysterious civilization that has left its trace all over the globe but for which almost nothing is known. Only the megaliths cut with unique technology are a sign of this chalcolithic culture. Whether they are of extraterrestrial origin, whether they have been given technology and then taken away, because of abuse, all is surrounded by puzzles and assumptions. In Takasago we will look at two megaliths and meditate in the strong aura of these places. Then we head back to Himeji, where we will continue to explore the history of Japan. We will visit a magnificent white palace where the greatest ninjas have been trained and one of Japan’s finest gardens is maintained. Meditation to absorb the harmony flowing from every blade of grass in these magical places. We return by train to Kyoto. Accommodation.


Kyoto’s past

A day dedicated to the historic part of Kyoto. A walk in the old neighborhood of Gion where if lucky we can meet a geisha, we will peek at an incredible Zen Monastery, in other temples of different periods and traditions. By bus, we reach the famous Zen Sand Garden, the Golden Temple, and end the day with a stroll through the magical bamboo forest on the outskirts of Kyoto. Optional visit to the onsen – traditional bath with hot mineral water! Accommodation.


To the future in Osaka

After a day devoted to the historic glamor of Japan, we board the „time machine“ and go to the future in the stunning ultra-modern Osaka. All-day adventure in the turbo-futuristic Venice of Japan – Osaka. Accommodation in Kyoto


The Mandatory Nara

We leave our luggage at the Kyoto station and continue with backpacks, on our way to visit to the medieval Nara – magical Shinto complex with 2000 stone lanterns in various size, deer encounters – one of Nara ‘s attractions, a visit to the temple with the largest Buda statue in Japan. If interesting to the group, we can visit two megalithic wonders in the area! We go further into rural Japan and stay in a Buddhist monastery, learning basic postulates and history of Zen Buddhism, a lesson in calligraphy. Accommodation in the Zen Monastery.


Being a Buddhist monk for a day

Morning program of the Buddhist monastery, meditation, volunteer work – cleaning the yard or other, breakfast. Opportunity to participate in the daily life of the monastery! In the early afternoon we set back to Nara. We get to Kyoto to pick up our luggage. We return to Tokyo. At the central railway station in Tokyo, we take one of the northern rays of the bullet train and continue north to Nikko. We arrive in one of the most beautiful places in Japan and settle in Guest House „Turtle“. Accommodation.


The magic of Nikko

An absolutely unbelievable day in the lush nature of the Japanese Alps! First we will visit the unique temples of the „Japanese Baroque“, then the magnificent waterfalls and lakes of the area and we will finish the day at one of the most powerful places in the world for me. Starting point of one of the most sacred pilgrimage routes in Japan with statues of Bodhisattvas that amplify the energy of the enchantingly beautiful river and affect you without you doing a thing! Time at sunset to integrate the state of non-attachment and liberation. A day you will never forget! Accommodation in Nikko.


In the morning we leave for the capital of Japan. We dive into the mad metropolis. We enjoy the modern city. Celebratory dinner in a traditional sashimi restaurant.



We have another day to visit various attractions in Tokyo at will and taste. Flight at 22:30 for Doha.


Flight from Doha to Sofia.


Deadline for enrollment 31 May 2018. Enrollment is through the purchase of an air ticket and a 500 euro deposit for organizational expenses. Maximum number of participants is 13 people.

There is a lot of interest in this trip and our advice is not to wait for the last minute because the places fill up quickly!

Organizers reserve the right to minor changes to the program. The exact days of the visit at certain locations may vary depending on the working hours of the visited sites and various events.

North Kerala (South India)
ян. 24 – февр. 6 цял-ден
North Kerala (South India) @ Kerala, India

14 days / 12 nights

Price: 1307 EUR (without plane ticket)

Welcome to a world of endless sandy beaches, quiet palm groves, dense jungles on the hills, unique delicious food, friendly Indians and the timelessness of the mythical Malabar Coast. In one of the most exotic places on the planet you will get a commitment to the secret knowledge of how to live in emotional and physical equilibrium.

The beauty treatments will teach you how to keep fresh and beautiful. You will be able to return to Bulgaria with effective dietary supplements such as niam, amla, brahmi and aswaganda, as well as learn „Self-massage with oils“.

In the days of our stay in Cannour, we will have the opportunity to visit the incredible Teyam festival. It is not part of the traditional Indian culture and is not studied in school or school. This is a pre-Hindu tradition that is passed down from father to son. It is a sacramental act and a ceremony in which the Godhead enters the body of the shaman and he heals, prophesies, affects all levels of the presence of the present.

  • Transport with a convenient minibus from and to Kallik airport, transport to the jungle and back to Cannour with a driver, all necessary parking fees, highways, etc .;
  • Nights with breakfast, lunch and dinner in the jungle;
  • Overnight stays with breakfast, lunch and dinner at the yoga curtain in Cannour;
  • Leaders Joro Hristov and Nikola Kirilov;
  • Yogyurveda training course with Joro;
  • Yoga Retreat program;
  • Meditation Anapana, Yoga and Yang Yoga, Mandala Art of Enlightenment, Sidha Traditions Secrets and Introduction to Ayurveda – India’s Great Science of Health and Good Life;
  • Medical insurance;
  • All applicable fees;
  • Airplane ticket Sofia – Kallik, Kallik – Sofia;
  • India visa – 50 Euro;
  • Personal spending on water and shopping;
  • Visit to the ritual ritual;
  • 250-300 euros for spending in India are enough if you do not go into mad shopping;


This is not a trip to India, the Malabar coast has been very fond of us for years and coupled with the Teyam festival is an ideal location for exiting in an exotic natural environment. North Kerala is untouched by commercial interests and you can enjoy endless beaches and unique nature scenery;
Leaders of the band are Joro Hristov (Moru Jorge) and Nikola Kirilov – connoisseurs of India, travelers and stories stories. Joro Hristov (Moru Jorge) studies and practicing ancient practices of awareness, healing and unleashing our potential, leads groups of spiritual trips from 2008 around the world and Bulgaria; Nikola Kirilov is a connoisseur and part of the five Yoga yoga process – a master of tea-making in an authentic Asian way and has prepared a cold teas and a ritual drink of high-quality teas during our regret!


Flight from Sofia to Doha. Flight from Doha to Kalik, Kerala, South India. Transfer to Cannur and Costa Malabari – the place of the regret, located on one of the most picturesque beaches on the northern coast of Kerala. Dinner and overnight.

26, 27 and 28 JANUARY

The Malabar coast is one of the most beautiful places on our planet, offering endless sandy beaches, exotic vegetation, incredible food and hospitality at the Costa Malabari Resort, where you will have the opportunity to live in a Vedic way for a few days to take advantage of from the ancient knowledge of a good life of the Indians The presence of all practices during the retreat is not necessarily The program includes: Yoga session Breakfast Breakfast Before lunch talk about the basic principles of Ayurveda that can be applied every single day be apparent to. Lunch. Free afternoon. Beach. Before dinner self-massage with oils. Dinner. Overnight.


Wyadiad Nature Park

After breakfast transfer to the jungle and accommodation in picturesque cottages. Two days to be aware of the ruthless process started.

„Uyanad“ is one of the last wild places preserved in southern India in the first generation with the largest population of tigers and wild elephants! The complex in which we are housed is located on the edge of the two parts of the jungle, within its borders there is an observatory from which, in case of luck, the wild animals can be seen. Walk with a guide to watch the largest squirrel in the world in its natural setting. Overnight.



After breakfast, transfer back to Cannour in Costa Malabari, where yoga continues. Evening yoga and overnight.


Paradise on Earth

Breathing exercises in the sun. In Yoga of the Five Senses. Breakfast. Relaxation. Talk and self-massage with oils. Lunch. Relaxation and meditation. Afternoon yoga session. Meditation to send the sun. Dinner.


Purification program

Yoga and Meditation Anapana. Breakfast. Relax and Self-massage with oils. Lunch. Presenting methods of purifying the body, mind and soul at home. Beauty treatments. Dinner.


Yoga. Breakfast. Relax on the beach. Rejuvenating procedure. Lunch. Presentation of Anapana – meditation with breathing and mind and emotion. Dinner.


Free day or full day excursion to Bekal Fort and Casargo. Festive dinner with dancing. Overnight.


Transfer to the Kallik airport. Flight to Doha and flight to Sofia.


Deadline for subscription November 7, 2018

Recording is done by purchasing air tickets and paying 500 euros for the trip itself. An international passport with a validity period of not less than 6 months from the date of return is required for the trip. Vaccinations are not needed. Visas to India are earned after individual application at the embassy!

The organizers reserve the right to change the program. The exact days of the visit at certain locations may vary depending on the working hours of the visited sites and various events.

The miracle of every moment in Sri Lanka
мар. 8 – мар. 18 цял-ден
The miracle of every moment in Sri Lanka @ Sri Lanka
8 – 18 MARCH 2019

11 days / 10 nights

Price 1570 Euro

On this trip to Sri Lanka and its powerful energy places and temples, we will enjoy the miracle of life, celebrate and be grateful for everything we have in our everyday life. We will enjoy every moment among the natural beauties and ancient temples of the exotic island! We’ll have fun with the little things that happen every day, inspired by communication with people who have survived a devastating civil war and a devastating tsunami.

Wonders happen at any moment, we just forgot to recognize them as a miracle! With this journey we will move closer to life nowadays with the emotion of a child who has just discovered an exotic lush garden. This is life itself. To experience it as a miracle!

  • 10 overnights with breakfasts and dinners;
  • Transfers and tours of the program with organized transport;
  • Leader Moru Jorge;
  • All talks and practices on the program (excluding site fees paid on site);
  • Medical insurance for the entire stay with a coverage of 15,000 euros.
  • Visa for Sri Lanka – 30 USD;
  • All entry fees for the program – about $ 218 (payable locally in local currency);
  • Additional excursions;
  • Single accommodation – extra charge 390 euro.


This is not only an adventure to one of the most beautiful places on the planet, but also a spiritual journey to yourself, during which you will develop the habit of enjoying the little miracles. You will learn how to be a creator of your life and how to use spiritual knowledge to have prosperity and happiness in our everyday life;
The leader of the group is Joro Hristov, a South Asian connoisseur, a traveler and storyteller, studying and practicing ancient practices of awareness, healing and unleashing our potential, leading groups of spiritual trips from 2006 around the world and Bulgaria;
In our journey, we not only visit sights but also meditate on strong energy and sacred places, activate the crystals of power, building a network of light to raise the collective consciousness of mankind.


Sofia – Doha

Departure from Sofia Airport to Sri Lanka Island with Doha Transfer.


Doha – Colombo – Kandy Airport

Early in the morning, you arrive in Colombo. Departure to Kandy (under the auspices of UNESCO) – „City Garden“, the last capital of the Sri Lankan kings. Its name is a symbol of splendor, splendor and is associated with many legends. Walk to the upper lake, created by the last King of Sinhala – Sri Vikram Rajshing in 1798; market, temple Dalad Malgwaha – home of the Holy Buddha of Buddha. Dinner and overnight.


Candy – Peradena – Nuvara Elia

A brief presentation of Anapana meditation and its effects on the body, soul, and mind from its everyday application. Meditation Anapana. Breathing keys and affirmations. After breakfast we will visit Peradena’s Royal Botanic Garden, which is well-known for its wide variety of plant species. This garden has an enormous variety of orchids and is the largest in Asia in this respect.

We leave for Nuwara Eliya, on the way we will have the opportunity to visit a tea plantation and witness the production of the world-famous „Ceylon Tea.“ Ceremony for Thanksgiving to the Treasures We Offer to Him Talk about the Sacred Plant of Asia – Tea.

It travels through the most picturesque part of the island with stunning mountain landscapes and extensive tea plantations. We return to Candy. Overnight.


Siguria – Dambula

Joint gymnastics, Anapana meditation. After breakfast, we go to Sigiriya (UNESCO) – the Lion’s Rock – the citadel rising on a rock terrace 200 meters above the jungle and built by King Kashiyapa (477-495). A staircase cut between the legs, neck and jaw of a giant lion – a symbol of the kingdom – is built up to the top. Dedication to the secrets of time and meditation to personal rhythm. We continue for Dambula. Dinner and overnight.



After breakfast, visit the historical part of Dambulla (part of the UNESCO World Heritage) – famous for its beautifully decorated caves from 1 century BC. The first cave is the cut-out relief of Polengaliya Buda, about 14 meters long. In the second cave, the most beautiful and the greatest of all, there are 150 statues in the real growth of deities associated with Buddhism, along with numerous images of the Buddha himself. Meditation to connect with the energy of the island and the light beings who keep the Buddhist shrines. Dinner and overnight at Hotel Amaya Lake 4 *


Dambulla – Mineria National Park

Meditation Anapana. Breathing keys and affirmations. Adventure in the Mineria National Park, the refuge of a large elephant population. Communicating with unique animals. Return to the hotel. Dinner and overnight.


Dambula – Anuradhapura

After breakfast, a departure for Anuradhapura (UNESCO), an open-air town town, the first capital of the country, and the largest city of the ancient city, thriving in territory (52 km2) from Babylon and Nineveh, which reached its rise when Rome and Carthage were still young cities. It was built II century BC. as the capital of the state of Sinhala. It has been a major religious center around 1500 years and the capital of 123 kings. A true architectural masterpiece – a beautifully planned city, the center of which lived the king in a palace with 1,000 rooms. Here is the sacred tree Bo – the oldest in the world. It was a gift from the Indian Emperor Ashoka and was brought to Sri Lanka in 247 when Buddhism was accepted as an official religion here. Transfer to Kalpithia peninsula. Overnight.


Deymba – beach and relaxation

Magnificent morning with meditation, breathing practices, yoga, songs and dances at the Dimayba Beach Resort on the peninsula of Kalpithia, a healing day to rethink the experience and establish new habits. The sea expanse, and the quiet shores of the wild, will reward you with charging the batteries. Talk „The theory of time lines and their movement“. Overnight in the beach resort of Dyamba.


Deymba – beach and relaxation

Meditation and breathing keys. Breakfast and relax on the beach and in the late afternoon departure for Colombo. Overnight in Colombo.


Colombo – Doha – Sofia

Colombo is the largest city and commercial capital. Explore the most important sights. Possibility for shopping. Dinner at a local restaurant. Transfer to the airport. Flight to Sofia.


Arrival at Sofia Airport, Terminal 2.


Deadline for enrollment January 8, 2019 Upon booking, a 50% deposit is deposited and a full payment is made 45 days prior to departure.

A minimum of 10 tourists.

Organizers reserve the right to minor changes to the program. The exact days of the visit at certain locations may vary depending on the working hours of the visited sites and various events.


Georgi Hristov – 0877018825, georgi.datravel@gmail.com

Shamanic adventure in Peru
мар. 29 – апр. 16 цял-ден
Shamanic adventure in Peru @ Peru

Dear friends, note that we have a short version of the shamanic journey from March 29 to April 10 and a long version from March 29 to April 16!

First option

29 MARCH – 10 APRIL 2019

13 days / 11 nights

This program will completely immerse you in the energy of the sacred Peruvian land. You will learn about the universal tradition of the Q’ero tribe from the Ausangate Mountain in the Andes.

You will go through various healing rituals of Peru’s shamanic traditions, meditate on some of the Earth’s most powerful energy sites, and synchronize your energy bodies with the high-frequency energy Munay-Ki.

You will be initiated in the mysteries of the Galactic Sun and will experience the secret of the elements of life. You will recollect that you are a child of the sun. This will allow you to have a permanent connection with your inner light.

Although we visit the most important sites to visit in South Peru, this is not a simple tourist program, this adventure requires good physical and mental health and interest in other dimensions and invisible spaces of our existence.

Price: $ 1799 (not included in the round ticket Sofia – Lima – Sofia – about 950 euro)

If you are willing to participate in the two stages of „Shamanic Travel in Peru“ from March 29 to April 16, the price is $ 2496, that is 18 days / 16 nights!

  • Flight ticket Lima – Cusco – Lima in Peru;
  • Accommodation nights in Peru with breakfast;
  • Taxi, minibus and train transportation;
  • Explore some of the great natural and cultural-historical landmarks of the Inca Empire around Cusco;
  • Participation in a ceremony and Ayahuasca $ 130, the San Pedro ceremony $ 120, Temazcal $ 90;
  • Guides Joro Hristov and Nikola Kirilov throughout the trip;
  • Participation by request in ceremonies and meditation practices with Joro;
  • Entrance fees for Machu Picchu;
  • Medical insurance for 20,000 euros;
  • All applicable fees;
  • No visas for Peru.
  • Air ticket Sofia – Lima – Sofia about 1000 euro
  • Personal spendings on water, lunch, dinner and shopping (at least EUR 300);
  • The remaining entrance fees for the places to visit;

  • Traveling in small, compact groups of single-minded people, the number of participants does not exceed 10 people !!!!!
  • One of the Club’s most transforming and powerful programs. Live encounter with everything you read in the spiritual books of the „Celestine Prophecy“ type. And while in the book most of the content is an enchanting story, in our journey you will connect with the source of all the teachings. During this adventure you will experience real connection with the magical elements of life which our three-dimensional world is composed from. You will try in pracitce alternative ways of self-inquiry and self-awareness. You will connect with the energy of your Inner Sun and you will understand what Shamanism is and what is the practical benefit of it in everyday life;
  • The guides of the group are Joro Hristov (Muru Jorge) and Nikola Kirilov. Muru Jorge is a student of the ancient tradition of the wizards of the Q’ero tribe in Peru. Since 2009, Joro travels to Peru and teaches the universal knowledge of the existence of one of the most authentic and preserved communities in magical Peru. Nikola Kirilov is a source of information about the sacred plants, flora and fauna of this magnificent country, a connoisseur and helper guide in our adventure;


Sofia – Lima

Flight to Lima via Amsterdam. We arrive in Lima in the evening. Transfer to Casa Suyay. Accommodation in Lima.


Cusco – the magical capital of the Incas

Early morning visit to the Central Market for the traditional Peruvian breakfast Emoliente.

We arrive after breakfast to the airport. Flight to Cusco – the capital of the Incas. Visit to the stunning San Pedro Market with Peruvian medicinal plants, superfoods and the typical Andean atmosphere. Adaptation to the altitude. A walk through the beautiful town. Accommodation.



Transfer to one of the great mysteries of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The site strikes with its beauty and monumental scale; the walls of the fortress are in the form of a zigzag, which, according to the Incas, represents lightning. Sacsayhuam?n is an extremely powerful site with enormous cosmic energy. Ritual greeting to the spirits of light, mountain protectors, introduction to the Q’ero tribe’s cosmogony and first initiation: Liberation from the fear of death. Transfer to the city of Urubamba and the Las Chullpas complex. In the night: Ayahuasca ceremony.



Morning for realizing the experience. In the afternoon: Temazcal Ritual. Ceremony for the purification of the physical, emotional, mental and causal bodies with the Temazcal (sacred sauna). You will be able to participate in one of the most ancient purification ceremonies with the elements of life – fire, air, water and earth!

Evening Shaman Practices with Joro. Accommodation in Urubamba.


Moray and Ollantaytambo

A visit to the stunning Moray, Maras salt ponds. In the morning, we head to an interesting place of the power of Naupa Iglesia, where we will take Chakana initiation in Andean mysticism. Transfer and accommodation in Ollantaytambo. Explore the ruins of Ollantaytambo, one of the great mysteries of ancient Peru. Accommodation at the Las Orquideas Hotel.


Machu Picchu

After breakfast early in the morning, visit one of the wonders of our world – Machu Picchu! Words are extremely inadequate to describe what you will see and feel here. An unforgettable and unique experience. You will never forget that day for the rest of your life !!!! Accommodation in Ollantaytambo.


San Pedro Ceremony

Transfer to the ceremony place. Ceremony with the cactus of the power of Wachuma (San Pedro). An amazing experience of connecting with yourself and the light, and with the shamans Christian and Roberto. Accommodation.


Sacred Day of the Soul

Day to reflect on the processes that have begun in us in our travels. Time for a walk in silence at the magical place Chinchero. Staying with yourself. An evening meeting to share and embody the experience! Accommodation in Cusco.


The Rainbow Mountain

A full-day adventure at 5200 meters to one of the natural wonders of Latin America, the amazing Rainbow Mountain, coloured as the rainbow. Unique sights of the Andes, a sense of other world and dimension. An amazing experience.


A full day adventure to Ausangate Mountain for experience in an authentic village of the Q’ero tribe, as well as with representatives of this interesting and incredibly well preserved tribe of ancient knowledge. Getting acquainted with their lifestyle and accommodation in their home!



In the late afternoon we return from Ausangate Mountain and we fly from Cusco to Lima. Accommodation in Lima.


Day in Lima. Evening flight to Europe.


Landing in Europe and flight to Sofia.


Minimum participants in the trip: 9 people.

Enrolling: An international passport with a validity of at least 6 months after the date of return is required. The enrolling is with the purchase of the 1000 euro ticket and paying a USD 1000 deposit for domestic flights, transportation and hotel bookings. Deadline 7 November 2018.

Organizers reserve the right to cancel events unless a group is assembled. Also make changes to the program in unforeseen circumstances and unfavorable weather conditions. The exact days of the visit at certain locations may vary depending on the hours of work attended and various other reasons.


Georgi Hristov – +359877018825, georgi.datravel@gmail.com

(for those who want to continue their adventure in Peru with us – follows the extended program!)

Second stage

Places of high energy in South Peru

9 – 16 APRIL, 2019

(8 days / 6 nights)

This additional program includes Nazca Lines, Colca Canyon with condor spotting, Lake Titicaca and many other amazing mysterious places of power in South Peru. But this program is not just a tourist trip to Peru, it is a journey into the depths of the universal, planetary and individual soul! Learning the ancient teachings of the Children of the Sun and studying one of the most ancient living spiritual traditions on our planet.

In addition to exploring the most powerful places of power in South Peru, you will learn how to acquire wholesomeness, get into the center of your being and realize your potential!

This is a transforming trip with a visit to many places, but at the same time with practices of releasing from the heavy energies that hold back the evolution of our consciousness.

Price: 697 USD

If you are willing to participate in the entire „Shamanic Travel in Peru“ Program from March 29 to April 16, the price is $ 2496, that’s 18 days / 16 nights!

  • Bus Night transport Arequipa – Nazca;
  • Accommodation through the program in family and three-star hotels with breakfast;
  • Taxi, minibus and long-distance luxury transportation;
  • Exploring some of the great natural and cultural-historical landmarks of the Inca Empire around Cusco;
  • Bus ticket for the Cusco-Puno route;
  • Walk to the islands of Uros in Lake Titicaca;
  • Guides Georgi Hristov and Nikola Kirilov throughout the trip;
  • Participation by request in ceremonies and meditation practices;
  • Medical insurance for 20,000 euros;
  • All applicable fees;
  • The flight over the Nazka lines;
  • Adventure with ATV in the desert;
  • Personal spending on water, lunch, dinner and shopping (at least EUR 300);
  • You need at least 100 additional dollars, because Peru is the country of the tips and it is good to give so that things happen harmoniously!


Transfer Cusco – Puno on one of the most beautiful roads on our planet to reach the shores of Lake Titicaca. Along the way, we will go through scenic landscapes like from another planet and visit Andahuaylillas, Pukara, the ruins of the Raqch’i from the pre-Incas period, with lunch included. Arriving at Puno in the evening! Accommodation.


Aramu Muru

After breakfast, we head to Aramu Muru – the gate to the higher dimensions. Rituals of Initiation in the Teaching of the Children of the Sun. It’s hard to describe this place! Despacho ceremony for the release of heavy energies and connection to our true nature. An experience that you will remember all your life! Making a healing wheel for individual, planetary and universal energy uplifting! Meditation to connect with our Higher Self. Transfer to Lake Titicaca and accommodation in a family home from the drifting islands of Uros.



After breakfast a visit to Sillustani – a high energy place associated with the death and spiritual transformation of the human being. Transfers from Puno to Chivay. On the way, you have the chance to get in touch with local fauna such as alpaca, llama and vicuna, and you will have the chance to enjoy the Andes-typical views, including some stunning lakes. Arrival in Chivay and accommodation at Colca Inn.


The Colca Canyon

After breakfast departure to the deepest canyon in the world, stunning views. We arrive at a place for condor spotting. Meet the Andean sacred bird. We continue to Arequipa. We explore Arequipa and by night bus of the luxury company Cruz del Sur (11 hours) we head to the town of Nazca!


The Nazca Lines

Fly over Nazca’s incredible desert lines and figures. Transfer to the Oasis in the Huacachina Desert, surrounded by 100-meter sand dunes. Adventure with ATV and surfing in the sand. Sunset and accommodation in the oasis. Ceremony for absorbing the gifts of the Peruvian sacred land and meditation at sunset in the desert. An experience you will never forget.


Transfer to Lima. Last day in the capital of Peru. Accommodation.


Flight to Europe.


Flight to Sofia

The Moroccan Energy Spaces
ное. 25 – дек. 6 цял-ден
The Moroccan Energy Spaces @ Morocco

12 days / 11 nights

Clichy is true! Morocco is the kingdom of the tales „1001 night.“ But above all, it is an example of a peaceful and tolerant country in which Islam, Christianity and Judaism coexist normally and without conflict. Morocco is still a bastion of true teachings of Islam – Sufism. This is an Islamic tradition that originated in the first generations of Muslims. Thanks to it, normality in Morocco still resists the aggressive march of political jihadism.

In these tense days, each of us is responsible for peace in our thoughts, feelings and actions. He needs peacemakers! Dive Easter in the tolerant Morocco together and increase the vibration of peace of the world! In our adventure we have included a mini retreat in the Sahara energy space!

Price: 995 Euro

(the airfare is not included in the price, at the moment it is about 200 euros, but the evenings are included)

  • 11 overnights with breakfast;
  • 9 dinners in Morocco;
  • All transfers under the program;
  • Transport with driver, guides in the places to visit;
  • Two guides from Bulgaria Joro and Nikola;
  • 3 overnights in Sahara in Bedouin camp in tents with separate bathrooms;
  • All tolls, parking and fuel;
  • Medical insurance.
  • Entrance fees for museums;
  • Personal expenses for shopping, lunches and water;
  • Driver and Moroccan Guides;
  • Overnight in Bergamo on return 25 euros.


This is not only an adventure in one of the most peaceful parts of the Arab world but also a spiritual journey to yourself, during which you will learn more about Islam and especially about Sufism – the spiritual heart of Morocco;
The leader of the group is Joro Hristov – graduated from the University of Thorology in the University of Sofia, traveler and anthropologist, he studied and practiced ancient practices of awareness, healing and unleashing our potential; he has been conducting groups of spiritual trips in the world and in Bulgaria for 10 years;
In our journey, we not only visit sights but also meditate on strong energy and sacred places, activate the crystals of power, building a network of light to raise the collective consciousness of mankind.


Flight to Morocco

Flight from Sofia via Milan to Marrakech. Arrival at the Menara Airport in Marrakech. Overnight.



After breakfast, visit the Majorelle Garden, Bahia Palace, Jamaa Lafna Square. Free afternoon for a talk dedicated to Sufism and the upcoming trip. Dinner and overnight in Marrakech.


Atlas Mountains – Kazba Ait Benhattdu

After breakfast, take off the stunningly diverse and incredibly beautiful nature of the High Atlas Mountains. Stop for a glimpse at the magnificent fortress, Ait Benhattdu, where countless Hollywood movies are shot. Accommodation in Riad – a traditional Moroccan house converted to accommodate guests. Night ceremony to boost vibration of peace and tolerance. Dinner and overnight.


Sahara desert

At 7:00 am breakfast. Departure to the Merzuga. Arriving in the afternoon. Entrance to the desert with camels and a traditional dinner prepared on-site accompanied by music and dancing under the sky-sprung sky. Overnight in a tent camp in the middle of the dunes.



Meeting sunrise, meditation and yoga. Breakfast. A short adventure with camels and a seminar to connect with Mother Earth and work with the elements of life. At dusk, if desired, ride with camels or walk on the dunes. Dinner and overnight in the tent camp.



Meeting the sunrise. Day of silence and seclusion for self-handling after instructing the driver. Meditation and development of a healing wheel to calm conflicts and civil wars in the Arab world. Dinner and overnight.


Transfer to Irfanne

After sunrise, we head to the hotel on the edge of the desert to bathe, refresh, snack and go on a long 8-hour transfer through stunningly beautiful landscapes. On the way, we will visit the Rissani market, where we will meet Berber culture. Overnight in Irfanne.



Transfer to Macknes. A walk through the Medina of one of the imperial cities of Morocco. Free time in the lovely romantic town and at sunset we will find ourselves on the magical main square of the city where you will go back in time. It’s hard to find words to describe this experience. You will never forget this place !!! Dinner and overnight in Meknes.


Meknes – Fes

After breakfast we head for Fes. Meeting with Sufi Sage and Aissaw Lila Sufi Ceremony. Overnight in Fes.



After breakfast our tour of the cultural capital of Morocco will start from the Medina – the old part of the city. This is the largest Medieval Medina in the world !!! The charming cobblestone streets, richly decorated buildings, mosques, palaces and museums will win you forever. The market will leave you breathless and you will not get tired of going around its exotic stands and getting acquainted with amazing natural products and varied jewelery and magnificent craftsmanship of various applied arts. Dinner and overnight in Fes.


Breakfast and free afternoon in Fes for a full immersion in the atmosphere of the southern capital of Fes. Late afternoon send to Fes airport for flight to Bergamo, Italy. Landing at 19:00 in Bergamo. Overnight in Bergamo.


Optional walk in the old part of the town. Adapting to the European environment. Flight to Sofia at 13:00.


Deadline 1 September 2018

Subscription is with the purchase of an air ticket and deposit of 500 Euro.

Minimum participants in the trip 9 people. Organizers reserve the right to cancel events unless a group is assembled. Also make changes to the program in unforeseen circumstances and unfavorable weather conditions. The exact days of the visit at certain locations may vary depending on the hours of work attended and various other reasons.


Georgi Hristov – 0877018825, georgi.datravel@gmail.com

Nicola, 0888989193, nicola.roxolan@gmail.com