Shamanic adventure in Peru

March 29, 2019 – April 16, 2019 all-day
1799 USD
Georgi Hristov
+359 877 01 88 25

Dear friends, note that we have a short version of the shamanic journey from March 29 to April 10 and a long version from March 29 to April 16!

First option

29 MARCH – 10 APRIL 2019

13 days / 11 nights

This program will completely immerse you in the energy of the sacred Peruvian land. You will learn about the universal tradition of the Q’ero tribe from the Ausangate Mountain in the Andes.

You will go through various healing rituals of Peru’s shamanic traditions, meditate on some of the Earth’s most powerful energy sites, and synchronize your energy bodies with the high-frequency energy Munay-Ki.

You will be initiated in the mysteries of the Galactic Sun and will experience the secret of the elements of life. You will recollect that you are a child of the sun. This will allow you to have a permanent connection with your inner light.

Although we visit the most important sites to visit in South Peru, this is not a simple tourist program, this adventure requires good physical and mental health and interest in other dimensions and invisible spaces of our existence.

Price: $ 1799 (not included in the round ticket Sofia – Lima – Sofia – about 950 euro)

If you are willing to participate in the two stages of “Shamanic Travel in Peru” from March 29 to April 16, the price is $ 2496, that is 18 days / 16 nights!

  • Flight ticket Lima – Cusco – Lima in Peru;
  • Accommodation nights in Peru with breakfast;
  • Taxi, minibus and train transportation;
  • Explore some of the great natural and cultural-historical landmarks of the Inca Empire around Cusco;
  • Participation in a ceremony and Ayahuasca $ 130, the San Pedro ceremony $ 120, Temazcal $ 90;
  • Guides Joro Hristov and Nikola Kirilov throughout the trip;
  • Participation by request in ceremonies and meditation practices with Joro;
  • Entrance fees for Machu Picchu;
  • Medical insurance for 20,000 euros;
  • All applicable fees;
  • No visas for Peru.
  • Air ticket Sofia – Lima – Sofia about 1000 euro
  • Personal spendings on water, lunch, dinner and shopping (at least EUR 300);
  • The remaining entrance fees for the places to visit;

  • Traveling in small, compact groups of single-minded people, the number of participants does not exceed 10 people !!!!!
  • One of the Club’s most transforming and powerful programs. Live encounter with everything you read in the spiritual books of the “Celestine Prophecy” type. And while in the book most of the content is an enchanting story, in our journey you will connect with the source of all the teachings. During this adventure you will experience real connection with the magical elements of life which our three-dimensional world is composed from. You will try in pracitce alternative ways of self-inquiry and self-awareness. You will connect with the energy of your Inner Sun and you will understand what Shamanism is and what is the practical benefit of it in everyday life;
  • The guides of the group are Joro Hristov (Muru Jorge) and Nikola Kirilov. Muru Jorge is a student of the ancient tradition of the wizards of the Q’ero tribe in Peru. Since 2009, Joro travels to Peru and teaches the universal knowledge of the existence of one of the most authentic and preserved communities in magical Peru. Nikola Kirilov is a source of information about the sacred plants, flora and fauna of this magnificent country, a connoisseur and helper guide in our adventure;


Sofia – Lima

Flight to Lima via Amsterdam. We arrive in Lima in the evening. Transfer to Casa Suyay. Accommodation in Lima.


Cusco – the magical capital of the Incas

Early morning visit to the Central Market for the traditional Peruvian breakfast Emoliente.

We arrive after breakfast to the airport. Flight to Cusco – the capital of the Incas. Visit to the stunning San Pedro Market with Peruvian medicinal plants, superfoods and the typical Andean atmosphere. Adaptation to the altitude. A walk through the beautiful town. Accommodation.



Transfer to one of the great mysteries of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The site strikes with its beauty and monumental scale; the walls of the fortress are in the form of a zigzag, which, according to the Incas, represents lightning. Sacsayhuam?n is an extremely powerful site with enormous cosmic energy. Ritual greeting to the spirits of light, mountain protectors, introduction to the Q’ero tribe’s cosmogony and first initiation: Liberation from the fear of death. Transfer to the city of Urubamba and the Las Chullpas complex. In the night: Ayahuasca ceremony.



Morning for realizing the experience. In the afternoon: Temazcal Ritual. Ceremony for the purification of the physical, emotional, mental and causal bodies with the Temazcal (sacred sauna). You will be able to participate in one of the most ancient purification ceremonies with the elements of life – fire, air, water and earth!

Evening Shaman Practices with Joro. Accommodation in Urubamba.


Moray and Ollantaytambo

A visit to the stunning Moray, Maras salt ponds. In the morning, we head to an interesting place of the power of Naupa Iglesia, where we will take Chakana initiation in Andean mysticism. Transfer and accommodation in Ollantaytambo. Explore the ruins of Ollantaytambo, one of the great mysteries of ancient Peru. Accommodation at the Las Orquideas Hotel.


Machu Picchu

After breakfast early in the morning, visit one of the wonders of our world – Machu Picchu! Words are extremely inadequate to describe what you will see and feel here. An unforgettable and unique experience. You will never forget that day for the rest of your life !!!! Accommodation in Ollantaytambo.


San Pedro Ceremony

Transfer to the ceremony place. Ceremony with the cactus of the power of Wachuma (San Pedro). An amazing experience of connecting with yourself and the light, and with the shamans Christian and Roberto. Accommodation.


Sacred Day of the Soul

Day to reflect on the processes that have begun in us in our travels. Time for a walk in silence at the magical place Chinchero. Staying with yourself. An evening meeting to share and embody the experience! Accommodation in Cusco.


The Rainbow Mountain

A full-day adventure at 5200 meters to one of the natural wonders of Latin America, the amazing Rainbow Mountain, coloured as the rainbow. Unique sights of the Andes, a sense of other world and dimension. An amazing experience.


A full day adventure to Ausangate Mountain for experience in an authentic village of the Q’ero tribe, as well as with representatives of this interesting and incredibly well preserved tribe of ancient knowledge. Getting acquainted with their lifestyle and accommodation in their home!



In the late afternoon we return from Ausangate Mountain and we fly from Cusco to Lima. Accommodation in Lima.


Day in Lima. Evening flight to Europe.


Landing in Europe and flight to Sofia.


Minimum participants in the trip: 9 people.

Enrolling: An international passport with a validity of at least 6 months after the date of return is required. The enrolling is with the purchase of the 1000 euro ticket and paying a USD 1000 deposit for domestic flights, transportation and hotel bookings. Deadline 7 November 2018.

Organizers reserve the right to cancel events unless a group is assembled. Also make changes to the program in unforeseen circumstances and unfavorable weather conditions. The exact days of the visit at certain locations may vary depending on the hours of work attended and various other reasons.


Georgi Hristov – +359877018825,

(for those who want to continue their adventure in Peru with us – follows the extended program!)

Second stage

Places of high energy in South Peru

9 – 16 APRIL, 2019

(8 days / 6 nights)

This additional program includes Nazca Lines, Colca Canyon with condor spotting, Lake Titicaca and many other amazing mysterious places of power in South Peru. But this program is not just a tourist trip to Peru, it is a journey into the depths of the universal, planetary and individual soul! Learning the ancient teachings of the Children of the Sun and studying one of the most ancient living spiritual traditions on our planet.

In addition to exploring the most powerful places of power in South Peru, you will learn how to acquire wholesomeness, get into the center of your being and realize your potential!

This is a transforming trip with a visit to many places, but at the same time with practices of releasing from the heavy energies that hold back the evolution of our consciousness.

Price: 697 USD

If you are willing to participate in the entire “Shamanic Travel in Peru” Program from March 29 to April 16, the price is $ 2496, that’s 18 days / 16 nights!

  • Bus Night transport Arequipa – Nazca;
  • Accommodation through the program in family and three-star hotels with breakfast;
  • Taxi, minibus and long-distance luxury transportation;
  • Exploring some of the great natural and cultural-historical landmarks of the Inca Empire around Cusco;
  • Bus ticket for the Cusco-Puno route;
  • Walk to the islands of Uros in Lake Titicaca;
  • Guides Georgi Hristov and Nikola Kirilov throughout the trip;
  • Participation by request in ceremonies and meditation practices;
  • Medical insurance for 20,000 euros;
  • All applicable fees;
  • The flight over the Nazka lines;
  • Adventure with ATV in the desert;
  • Personal spending on water, lunch, dinner and shopping (at least EUR 300);
  • You need at least 100 additional dollars, because Peru is the country of the tips and it is good to give so that things happen harmoniously!


Transfer Cusco – Puno on one of the most beautiful roads on our planet to reach the shores of Lake Titicaca. Along the way, we will go through scenic landscapes like from another planet and visit Andahuaylillas, Pukara, the ruins of the Raqch’i from the pre-Incas period, with lunch included. Arriving at Puno in the evening! Accommodation.


Aramu Muru

After breakfast, we head to Aramu Muru – the gate to the higher dimensions. Rituals of Initiation in the Teaching of the Children of the Sun. It’s hard to describe this place! Despacho ceremony for the release of heavy energies and connection to our true nature. An experience that you will remember all your life! Making a healing wheel for individual, planetary and universal energy uplifting! Meditation to connect with our Higher Self. Transfer to Lake Titicaca and accommodation in a family home from the drifting islands of Uros.



After breakfast a visit to Sillustani – a high energy place associated with the death and spiritual transformation of the human being. Transfers from Puno to Chivay. On the way, you have the chance to get in touch with local fauna such as alpaca, llama and vicuna, and you will have the chance to enjoy the Andes-typical views, including some stunning lakes. Arrival in Chivay and accommodation at Colca Inn.


The Colca Canyon

After breakfast departure to the deepest canyon in the world, stunning views. We arrive at a place for condor spotting. Meet the Andean sacred bird. We continue to Arequipa. We explore Arequipa and by night bus of the luxury company Cruz del Sur (11 hours) we head to the town of Nazca!


The Nazca Lines

Fly over Nazca’s incredible desert lines and figures. Transfer to the Oasis in the Huacachina Desert, surrounded by 100-meter sand dunes. Adventure with ATV and surfing in the sand. Sunset and accommodation in the oasis. Ceremony for absorbing the gifts of the Peruvian sacred land and meditation at sunset in the desert. An experience you will never forget.


Transfer to Lima. Last day in the capital of Peru. Accommodation.


Flight to Europe.


Flight to Sofia