Magical holiday on the island of Samothraki

June 29, 2018 – July 8, 2018 all-day
Samothraki 680 02
Georgi Hristov
+359 877 01 88 25
29 JUNE – 5 JULY – 8 JULY 2018 G.

7 days / 6 nights – Price: 350 euro

10 days / 9 nights – Price: 420 euro

It is difficult to describe this extremely mysterious and magical island of Samothrace. Such a combination of beaches, mountain peaks, exotic plants, ancient plane trees, magical waterfalls, warm mineral water, history and an ancient sanctuary in one place, is not so close to Bulgaria. This place has to be seen and felt, words and pictures can not convey the radiant light that flows from every stone. Come together to experience the Mystery of Samothrace! This year we offer a week and a 10-day magical vacation.

  • Nights on the island of Samothraki at Hotel Orpheus in the village of Terma-Lutra;
  • Breakfast with oatmeal;
  • Leaders in all places of the program – Georgi Hristov and Nikola Kirilov;
  • Yoga practices;
  • All other activities during the trip;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Please read carefully! Transport (to make transport easier and to optimize the price we travel by private cars and we distribute cars by sharing costs, not expensive, but by renting a bus for a week the price increases considerably);
  • Ferry tickets to person Alexandroupolis – Samothraki and vice versa – 24 euros;
  • A ferry ticket for a car – 139 euros, the exact amount can be checked at;
  • Entrance fees for the sanctuary 3/6 euro and the “Bath” in Terma – 4 euro;
  • For lunch and dinner is enough 10-15 euros a day – in Terma there is a grocery store, beautiful goat cheese, sheep’s yoghurt, vegetables and fruits, in the village’s restaurants there are vegetable dishes from 3 to 6 euros.
  • Lunch at the fish restaurant is about 15 euros per person;


This is not only a visit to the closest exotic island to Bulgaria, but also a bohemian experience in the calm and wild atmosphere of the Greek island, as well as a culinary adventure plus a familiarity with the ancient mysteries that have brought people closer to the divine and have loaded people with high- prana for long days in antiquity;
The leaders of the group are Joro Hristov and Nikola Kirilov – island connoisseurs, travelers and storytellers, Joro Hristov studied and practiced ancient practices of awareness, healing and unleashing our potential, leads groups of spiritual trips from 2008 around the world and Bulgaria ; Nikola Kirilov is a master of tea making in an authentic Asian way and has prepared cold teas and ritual drinking of high quality teas during our vacation!
In our journey, we not only visit sights but also meditate on strong energy and sacred places, activate the crystals of power, building a network of light to raise the collective consciousness of mankind.



Departure from Sofia 7.00, Plovdiv 9.00 and Haskovo 10.30. Arrival in Alexandropolis and boarding the ferry at 16.00. Arrival of Samothraki at 18.30. Accommodation at the Orpheus Hotel in a 300-year-old woodcutter forest in the village of Lerma – a small resort that has been set up by warm mineral springs. Optionally, dinner in the pub under the branches of a 1000-year-old Chicher in Terma. Overnight.


Fionas Falls

Sunshine and gymnastics that you can use in your everyday life. Yoga session yoga and meditation. Possibility to immerse in the healing mineral water of the bathroom in the center of the Terma. Breakfast in the guest house with oatmeal from Bulgaria or in the village there is a bakery with patties and delicious fresh bread. After breakfast at 11 o’clock, we head off to the beach until 13 o’clock. Transition to the unique Fonias waterfalls. You will never forget this place! Meditation to purify the soul and mind around the waterfall flooded with negative ions with a swimming pond. Lunch picnic with sandwiches on the rocks. Dinner and overnight.


The Sanctuary of the Great Gods

Meeting the Sun, Gymnastics, Yoga and Meditation. After breakfast we go to the Sanctuary of the Great Gods. If desired, participate in the mystery of achieving inner harmony and unlocking inner vision and hearing. During the period between 1000 BC, and 200 AD. Samothraki is one of the key religious centers of the ancient world, along with Delphi in today’s Greece, Ephesus in modern Turkey and Perperikon in Bulgaria.
Lunch break. Free time for beach. Dinner and overnight.


Off day

Meeting the Sun, Gymnastics, Yoga and Meditation. After breakfast, there is a beach opportunity in the sandy part of the island and relax or adventure in the natural beauty of the island. Return to Terma and overnight.


Mountain and beach

Meeting the Sun, Gymnastics, Yoga and Meditation. Leisure time for the beach or, at will, the bravest of them can make a transition through centuries-old plantains and oak forests to the highest peak of Mount Fengari. Return to Terma and overnight.


The Capital People

Meeting the Sun, Gymnastics, Yoga and Meditation. After breakfast, stroll to the capital of the island of Hora. Optional lunch with fresh fish at the Vatros Restaurant in the port of Kamariotitsa. Afternoon free time for beach. Overnight.


Meeting the Sun, Gymnastics, Yoga and Meditation. Breakfast.

For friends who have chosen the shorter holiday option: Collect in front of the hotel for a trip to the ferry. At 12.30 they take the ferry and Alexandropolis depart for Bulgaria.

For friends who stay free. Overnight.


Meeting the Sun, Gymnastics, Yoga and Meditation. Breakfast. Free days for beach and adventures in the island’s wildlife. Overnight.


Free morning. Collect in front of the hotel for a trip to the ferry. At 15:00 they take the ferry and Alexandropolis depart for Bulgaria.

Deadline for booking 26 May 2018 with 50% deposit on the hotel reservation fee.


Joro – 0877018825,;
Nikola – 0888989193,;

Organizers reserve the right to cancel events unless a group is assembled. Also make changes to the program in unforeseen circumstances and unfavorable weather conditions. The exact days of the visit at certain locations may vary depending on the hours of work attended and various other reasons.