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Muru Jorge

Back to your senses

An individual session with Muru Jorge

How to wake up with pleasure and live fully!
How to keep your body healthy and save your energy!
How to care for the very life in you!
How to connect with your gifts and talents and manifest them!
How to come to your senses and live your authentic self!

After more than 20 years of studying and practicing different western and eastern self-improvement traditions, I realized that is not enough just to go to Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi or Paneurhythmy to unleash the potential in my life. In most cases, the achievements in the yoga halls remain between their walls and do not transfer into our daily lives.

And just in “the city jungle” peace, tranquility, patience, health, happiness are most needed.

At our meeting we will focus entirely on your lifestyle. To fill it with awareness, freedom and trust in the flow of existence.

But most of all you will learn how to get to know your character, how to master your negative thoughts and emotions and how to heal and purify your body, soul and mind by slightly changing your way of life.

The life we are leading presently is our best teacher and indicator of what we have developed from our gifts and talents. What matters is how you live your life. It is sacred! It is good to look after it with affection. If you get in sync with your own rhythm, you will be able to live your days on Earth being healthy and energetic.

At our meeting in free conversation, you will share what you feel is wrong. Together we will make a program to transform it to the best for you. But I can not do anything for you if you do not put effort into your everyday life. 50 percent comes from me and 50 percent from you.

It’s hard to set a price list for these things, but I understand from the experience that one values what he pays for. So I will be glad for a minimum donation of 50 leva.