Conscious living

Tourism catched the wave of those wishing to “see the world” and devised broiler-type tours. Lots of money incoming this way, but such a trip is like working in an office from 9am to 6pm. Even so-called “spiritual” journeys have also become a just business. True pilgrimage is where you go on foot or use a simple bike! Everything else is hypocrisy and vanity! But how many people will see this and give up the amenities? We travel a lot now, but we really don’t get anywhere. My life experience shows that the golden middle road is the most effective. Travels can’t stop, but it’s a good idea to do them consciously, not just to put a checkpoint on visited places in a virtual map!

With time, I learned to travel in the most responsible and conscious way I can. They call it easy travel. I try to use the least vehicles I can, that produce poison. I do not run dazzled and amazed in multilingual crowds to the most popular tourist sites. I do not want to be involved in turning them into toilets.

I am looking for sensory experiences for the body, soul and mind. I am not in a hurry to see everything by the synopsis, but I want to immerse myself in the way people think. Meeting them is important to me. I want to know more about their language, even if I don’t speak it! I am interested in what is not acceptable in their culture according their traditions. I talk to them often using only body language and we get fantastic conversations. I ask them what they believe in, what God is for them and, of course, I am very curious how they’re having fun …

I now accept the conditions and hygienic features of any place. Even if it’s light years away from my understanding of accommodation and service. I like to get to know the authentic shamanic traditions, but also to meet the street culture.

I embark on this type of adventures and have accepted the Conscious Journey for a Cause because of the standard approach to sightseeing – it’s had its time. I have left the program for Peru because it is one of the most impactful and transformative experiences I have organized. More on my new Conscious Journey project soon!

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