Author, artist
Muru Jorge

Jorge Christo (Muru Jorge)

Traveller and quality life motivator

Mixed media artist 

Cultural events’ manager

After more than 20 years of training with teachers from different meditative and healing traditions, after years of visiting places of power and applying everything I learned in my life, I think it’s time to share my experience.

There are so many approaches to health and happiness that one can go astray. In order not to confuse myself, I chose my favorite – the fun one.

When we look at things with a joyful and playful approach, solutions come by themselves, surprisingly for a lot of “pricks” from the academic world and proud peacocks from the guru universe. Every normal person will admit that not only in Bulgaria, but also in the world, we are living in great paradox.

It seems that we live in the greatest joke in history, and with the naked eye we see how bad a scenario is given to politicians, economists, sociologists, spiritual teachers and all the gurus on the planet! You have to be completely lobotomized not to see how the old system breaks apart and what a ugly absurd is created by the powers that be. Everything seems to me an absolute vaudeville and a silly cartoon. If we do not look at it with humor and fun, at this mass madness that reigns everywhere, our heads will explode.

Those who think that are governing and controling something have taken themselves too seriously and even the tiniest things in our daily lives are fucked up. Poisoned food, air and water; poisonous thoughts and feelings; everything is upside down, and the people are unhappy, sick and shuffle along as in a slaughterhouse! Our present times, ladies and gentlemen, is an “absolute bollocks” and I do not even worry about using such rough words to describe it.

However, right now, we do not need the pink glasses that New Age offers, no worldwide prayers or any other hotchpotch will help. It is time to realize in what deep shit we are bogged down and to call things with their real names. The time has come for us to look at things for what they are! And they are bluntly bad! Everywhere! In everything! From the way we raise the children to the fear of death in adults. We live in the age of the most information available and the biggest delusions at the same time.

A year ago, I complained to a friend that the shamanic tradition I study in Peru does not give spiritual names. Everyone around me then shined with spiritual names – Brahnaputra, Shmirdzoundi, and so on, and I was the only fool – George. No authority in front of people! We had a laugh with a good friend of mine how my favorite Q’ero tribe in Peru do not have a guru-muru, nothing of the sort. They just called me jokingly “the Silver Boy” and they were very entertained with my gray hair at 40, and I was amazed with their raven black hair at 80.

Then my friend in his joking style said: “But you are, Muru Jorge, brother. I initiate you in the greatest spirited tradition – life itself! Be spirited, this is life at its most natural. I give you the right to grant spirited names. Live and Be Yourself.” We laughed a lot, but that was how Muru Jorge came to be.

I know that everything I write and suggest here works flawlessly. It does not help in your spiritual development, but it supports you in your everyday life, and in the special, more heavy moments. The pinch of laughter in any spiritual or material work is the magical ingredient that guarantees success.

If you do not like this approach, just ignore to my thrusts and have fun with what you like! I do not want you to waste your time to criticize and discuss me if you do not like my approach. Use your energy for something more meaningful.

I’m very well where I am, and I’m bravely going forward because I have found my way! But I did not found it through books, gurus or seminars, but from my experiences and my travels.

I organize adventures, retreats with the unique YIN Yoga for the five senses method, combining all the knowledge I have found. We gather together for yoga of laughter, shamanic trips, free dancing and intuitive singing. I accept individual meetings to help you find your way in life by yourself!