5 Senses Body Work

After more than 20 years of practicing yoga, shamanism, personal development, Ayurveda, Vipassana, etc., as well as personal experience in interacting with different people, I realized that our modern life requires more than a mechanical repetition of known methods from ancient times. In a melting body and soul experience in a sauna with the aroma of rosemary, the idea that we completely neglect our senses shined through, and they can be very useful for a fulfilling and conscious life here and now.

Classical yoga texts call for limiting the senses, but we do not practice in caves and isolated places as they used to. The senses are tools in this body, in this fast-paced and hysterical urban life. They can be used in the meat grinder of our time. The more practical implementation I sought in ancient practices, the more I realized that the purification of the senses brings a much more lasting and profound peace of mind and heart. Much more than the short-lived effect of a book read or a personal development seminar attended.

In order to apply the knowledge I have accumulated over the years, I have included in the YIN yoga session ways to purify the five senses. This has proven to be a unique way of releasing emotional blockages, rewiring negative thought patterns, and most of all, of awakening one’s conscious enjoyment to the fullest in everyday life. The practice unobtrusively activates the sixth sense – the intuition, the inner voice. We are also beginning to receive in a new way the information in our lives after restarting our senses. Plus, during the session, the typical for YIN YOGA refresh of your energy channels and relaxation of your physical body awaits.

We begin by turning off the senses and immersing ourselves in silence and emptiness. Then, one by one, we switch on our five senses again to naturally awaken the sixth sense. A wonderful approach where without that much philosophy you can affect the deep physical and emotional levels.