Session: YIN yoga of the five senses

Our lives are predominantly Yang – dynamic, fast-paced, full of stress, tension and chaos. We run through like horses with blinders and do not realize a thing, just pursuing our goals and moving spellbound from one task to another. We forget to enjoy which also means to live. We need peace, immobility, a return to the senses of our body, our five senses in order to awaken the sixth – the trust in life. YIN yoga of the five senses enables us to harmonize the everyday chaos and insanity through a slower, more meditative and deeper approach to our body, soul and mind!

In the practice of YIN yoga, we focus on the less flexible connective tissue of the thighs, the pelvis and the spine. By working with these often ignored tissues in the right way, we manage to reach to our body in a new way, gently increasing its flexibility and freeing it from chronic stiffness and pain. This practice helps us to reach deeper inner awareness and focus of the mind, being meditation by itself.

The session of YIN yoga of the Five Senses lasts for 2 hours. The traditional YIN yoga class will be accompanied by resonance of various musical instruments, feeling through touch semiprecious stones from high energy places around the world, fragrances that help us relax and recharge, tasting of high quality tea and contemplation on mandalas!

This combination will deepen our experience while reteaining the positions. In the specially created healing environment of sounds of bells, calimba and many other instruments, fragrances, stones, mandalas and tastes to help in the process of liberating from emotional blockage, negative thought patterns, and stress in tendons and joints.

In the Tao system, connective tissue is directly linked to the body’s meridians (energy channels) and working on a physical level, we stimulate the flow of chi or the power of life. YIN yoga is related to the Tao system and, on one hand revives our stunted energy channels and on the other charges us with calm and inner peace. Combined with stimulating the senses, it gives an even more wholesome impact and awakens awareness. This combination removes the stress from the body, affects the deep levels of the soul, pushes to the surface and heals repressed emotions, anger and other harsh experiences, wipes out the negative patterns in the mind. An amazing practice that even experienced once, due to its deep nature, can connect you with yourself in an extraordinary way and bring you peace and freedom.


Georgi Hristov – a certified Yoga Instructor from 2014, trained by Master Victor Chen from Singapore, a researcher on various ancient traditions and contemporary ways of high quality living and freedom from the pains of our modern civilization.

Nikola Kirilov – an ally and an assistant in this sensational adventure

Fee: 25 leva

Places are limited and we’d be grateful to enroll you in advance.