Tea with Nikola

The plant world has always attracted me as a magnet. I feel a connection with the flora all over the planet. In recent years, I have traveled through various places on Earth and studied the special plants associated with ancient civilizations and cultures.

Of all the so-called plants of power, the tea plant (Camellia sinensis) has attracted me the most. For me this is the “magic flower” of Asia.

For years, tea for me was an absolutely incomprehensible pleasure. I could not understand why so much was written and talked about tea, and I did not like it either, its taste or smell. One day a friend of mine made a tea ceremony with high-quality tea from the Taiwanese mountains. I was struck like with a lightning!

The sacred action of making tea (the teapot, the cups, the movements, the special table …), the amazing taste that each cup was unfolding with kept changing, the effect on the mood and the body the drink had revealed a whole new universe in front of me. I was literally enchanted and began my enter into this amazing culture of the sacred plant CHAI.

I have delved into a thousand-year tradition that has gradually become my everyday life. With the years, I became aware of the myriad benefits of tea drinking. I am extremely pleased to share this magic as it helped me to calm my choleric behaviour and return to my true nature.

The stressful way of life, the harsh reality, had made me lose myself. I had dulled my sense for beauty, sophistication and detail to fit into the picture of our time. Gon Fu style of preparing and serving tea helped me return to my essence again. To take time for myself, to enjoy the beautiful and the exquisite.

This is part of the slow food culture. Psychologists, wise men, psychotherapists constantly trumpet to slow down the rhythm of life, you need to slow down, but how do we do it? I have found a way to enter into a meditative state in everyday life without training and attending seminars.

Over time I started preparing tea for my loved ones and my friends. Everyone was as struck by the preparation itself, which was ritualistic by its influence and encouraged me to start sharing it with other people. So gradually from the flow of life, in quite the oriental fashion the idea came to make a tea experience for everyone tempted to deepen his knowledge of tea and its varieties of preparation.