YIN Yoga

After more than 20 years of yoga, shamanism, Ayurveda, and so on I realized that words and spiritual guidance have no particular impact on personality. Even the example of a conscious lifestyle does not have any impact on society.

I came to the understanding that something else is needed to unleash what is given to each of us as a potential. It does not make sense to read lectures and yoga will be performed to the point of oblivion to realize your gifts and talents.

I have found from personal experience and for almost 20 years working with all kinds of people that we completely neglect our senses, and they are an incredible tool for more conscious life! The signals they send can reconnect us with our bodies, with our true nature and with the very stream of life. And that’s something we need, every one of us.

Through the senses that are the information gates of our body, information can be transmitted without the use of words. Includes pure tinted sounds, stimulating aromas, langas of colors, tastes and touch of crystals!

The senses are our tools, and their signals connect us to what is happening here and now better than any book you read, or any seminar on personal development.

In order to apply the knowledge accumulated over the years, we have included in the YIN Yoga session a way to awaken the five senses. We started with the sound and vibration, then added the fragrances and used them simultaneously in one event. This has proved to be a unique way to clear emotional blockages, negative thinking patterns, and above all to awaken a conscious living and joy in the present moment. This practice activates the sixth sense – the intuition, the inner voice, the Authentic Self, and inspires a real enjoyment of life. In addition during the session the usual YIN Yoga refreshment of our energy channels and body healing is experienced.

It is a modern practice for the body, the mind and the soul, which begins with the shutting down of the senses and the immersion in silence and emptiness. Then one by one provokes the five senses for new life, activating them to awaken the sixth sense. An easy method without much explaination through words, to give everyone the chance to re-start their own body. Yoga of the five senses includes sound therapy and voice work for removing the unhealthy sounds of the physical and the energy body. Aromatherapy with specially selected fragrances. Crystal therapy that recharges us with energy from the stones. The path of the tea for sharpening the taste and painting mandalas as inspiration for the eyes. It is a one-of-a-kind physical practice that affects all levels of your being. During this session you get all the bonuses of YIN Yoga.